Requesting a Medical Helicopter With a Mobile App – Pediatric Seizures

Would you like the ability to request a helicopter for your patient using a mobile app?  In this episode we discuss how to use MedFlight’s Metro Alert App.  Amanda explains what happens “behind the scenes” and also discusses some of the do’s and don’ts when utilizing the app.

MedFlight Metro Alert App 10TV News Segment

Also Dr. Dietrich will be discussing pediatric seizures.

Make sure you check out the Convene First Responder website.  This endeavour being developed by Matthew Currin, is a social media site meant specifically for first reponders/critical care staff.  Additionally there is a Convene First Responder mobile app that is currently in development.

MedFlight Radio will be working with Convene, so stay tuned for more info in the near future!!!


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“No Shift Is Routine”

Dave Paul Conf Dave Paul ICU DavePaul Arm

Take 45 minutes from your day to listen to this powerful testimony from DavePaul Lane…. a paramedic who became a patient himself, and almost lost his life, when he treated his shift and equipment as “routine”.  This broadcast was recorded at the 2015 Tri-State Fire/EMS Conference in Portsmouth, OH, on March 28th.  No one left the conference without being affected by his story.

DavePaul has turned a tragic day into a learning experience for us all, and focuses on impacting firefighters, EMS, and other public safety workers & healthcare professionals by reminding them that shift complacency and the “this is just another routine shift” mindset can be deadly.  This is a great episode for your entire department or team to listen to, and we urge you to take time to listen to his story in its entirety.

DavePaul Lane is available for questions and comments by emailing him at  We thank him for allowing MedFlight Radio to share his story with our listeners.

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Pre Flight – Not just for Aviation

In this episode we discuss an article published in the winter 2015 Edition of Vertical 911 magazine.  The authors (Iain Holmes and Debra Milliner) discuss the importance of a thorough pre flight.  This article is the first of a series aimed at those looking to make a move into helicopter emergency medical services.  However, this information has an application in any public safety discipline.

Please check out this video which gives the viewer a glimpse of the Commlab at the Helicopter Flight Training Center.  This training facility is one of its kind and provides an unprecedented training experience.  You can find out more about the Helicopter Flight Training Center in this interview with Terry Palmer.

Stay Safe!!!

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Pediatric Journal Club-Traumatic Arrest, Pediatric Assessment Triangle, Safety in Prehospital Patient Care

It this episode we are bringing you another journal club discussion from Dr. Ann Dietrich.  For this discussion we are looking at three studies released in 2014.

Please help us by telling your friends and collegues about MedFlight Radio!  As always stay safe and stay in touch!

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Pharmacology Review Series – Atropine
Atropine Image

In this episode we review why we use Atropine and how it works.  Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.  Stay Safe!!

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Dr Dietrich’s Journal Club-Asthmatic Pediatric Patients
asthma 05.22.13

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Ohio EMS Chiefs Association – Who? What? When? Where? Why?
Ohio EMS Chiefs

In this episode we introduce you to a new member of the MedFlight family.  Maggie Standley recently joined the HR department as an intern.  Welcome Maggie!!

Additionally, we are bringing you a discussion Amanda had with representatives of the Ohio EMS Chiefs Association.

She was joined by:

  • Chief Mike Schulling – Delaware County EMS
  • Chief Rich Callebs – Athens County EMS
  • Chief Anita Stechschulte – Putnam County EMS

They discussed how EMS is unique in Ohio and the purpose of the OEMSCA.  If you have questions about the organization, please contact them at

Stay safe and thanks for listening!!!

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Pharmacology Review Series-Amiodarone
Amiodarone picture

In this episode we are continuing our pharmacology review series by looking at Amiodarone.  We discuss indications, contraindications, side affects and dosing.  Let us know if this is helpful and give us any other suggestions you might have.  Thanks for listening!!

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Dr. Dietrich’s Journal Club-EMS-Ped Trauma Center Patient Outcomes
Level 1 Trauma

Welcome to the 1st episode of 2015!!!

In this episode Dr. Dietrich covers a study that was published in August 2014.  The study looks at EMS identifying a trauma patient and how the pediatric trauma center prepares for and treats those patients.

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The Perils of Backboard Use

In this episode Dr. Dave Evans from The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center joined us to talk about the prehospital use of backboards.

This August, the Central Ohio Trauma System released guidelines addressing proper spine precautions.  The recommendation from this document is that backboards should be “used judiciously and are recommended only for extrication purposes.”

Dr. Evans explains that there is no evidence based literature that would support the use of backboards.  In fact, the use of backboards can be detrimental to your patient.  Please keep in mind that we are only talking about backboards.  Cervical collars are still important and are required to properly care for patients that have sustained a potential cervical spine injury.  

Central Ohio Trauma System Spine Precaution Guidelines for Pre-Hospital Providers 

Thank you for listening and have a Merry Christmas!!!!

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