TXA: Revisited

In Episode 4 we discussed how TXA is used in the military and how is was introduced to EMS.  We also discussed the MATTERs Trial and the Crash 2 Study.

For this episode Dr. Evans joined us at MedFlight for a company inservice.  He spoke about the pharmacology of TXA as well as evidence based practice.

If you have never heard of TXA, it may be helpful to go back and listen to MedFlight Radio Episode 4 and then listen to this episode.

Here is another great article about the use of TXA in EMS.

As always thank you for listening and we hope to see many of you at AMTC.



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AMTC Plans, Drones, and a Quick Case Study


MedFlight Radio is heading to Nashville!  In this episode, we have some discussion about our plans at the Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC) as well as a couple news stories affecting the aeromedical industry.

We also have a great case study that Dr. Dietrich, MedFlight’s pediatric medical director, put together for us.  Hopefully this information will be helpful in your day-to-day clinical practice.

If you are going to AMTC, please let us know!  Even if you aren’t going, stay tuned to the show because we will be “broadcasting” everyday from Nashville…letting you know about all of the great lectures and activities.

Stay safe and stay in touch!!!

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Public Safety Teams and the Active Shooter


Is your organization prepared for the threat of an active shooter? If not, how should you prepare? Are you interested in becoming involved with tactical EMS? These questions and many more will be answered in this episode of MedFlight Radio!!

We were honored to be joined by Troy Lowe and Deputy Gus Moore with the Licking County Sheriff’s Department SWAT Team.  Troy and Deputy Moore have over 40 years of combined experience in tactical EMS and SWAT operations.

Additionally Troy is the inventor of The Barracuda Intruder Defense System.  The system is designed to allow for quick easy deployment, preventing an intruder from entering a closed door.  More information can be found at www.bilco.com.

If you have questions for Troy send emails to low1251@att.net.

Will you be attending the Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC)?  Aaron and Amanda will be speaking at the conference as well as “broadcasting” from the exhibition hall!  Stay tuned for details.

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Discussing the FP-C/CCP-C Exam Part 2


Meet Flight Paramedic Paul Greer!  With MedFlight for 32 years, Paul has been serving in EMS since 1969!

In this episode, we spoke with  Paul about his experience taking the FP-C (Certified Flight Paramedic) exam.

If you have taken the exam or you are studying for the exam, we would love to hear from you!  Go to www.medflightradio.com and leave a comment or send us an email at medflightradio@medflight.com.  As always we appreciate all of your support and we look foward to hearing from you.

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Challenges of Bariatric Care PowerPoint

Check out this resource.

This resource is a supplement to the “Challenges of Bariatric Care” podcast episode found  HERE.

Challenges of Bariatric Care


This episode covers the some of the challenges that are present with bariatric patient care & transport.  This is becoming more prevelant with the increase in obesity rates in society today.

We sat down with Dixie Davenport, EMS Outreach Manager at Riverside Methodist Hospital, to discuss some of the current statistical trends as well as some considerations to consider when caring for bariatric patient.  You can find her PowerPoint presentation at www.MedFlightRadio.com.

In a first for MedFlight Radio, we produced a video showcasing the bariatric transport units used by Mifflin Twp. Fire and Columbus Fire.  You will see a demonstration of the setup and operation of these units.  You can watch the video HERE.

Please go to MedFlightRadio.com or email us at medflightradio@medflight.com with any questions or comments.

To earn 1 hour of CE’s take the short quiz HERE.

As always thank you so much for listening!!!

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Your Questions Answered: MedFlight 3 is Moving.


In this episode, we were joined by Chief Operating Officer Tom Allenstein, Regional Director Mike Perkins, and Flight Medic Mike Smith to have a candid discussion about the recent decision to relocate MedFlight 3 from Wellston, Ohio to Pomeroy, Ohio.

The decision was not easy for the leadership team at MedFlight, and has been met with some concern from crew members as well as those that live in the Wellston area.  We hope this episode gives some insight into how the decision was made… and that MedFlight’s commitment to Wellston, and the surrounding communities, remains strong.

Please let us know your thoughts on this or any other episode.  You can leave comments at www.MedFlightRadio.com or send us an email at medflightradio@medflight.com.


Thank you so much for listening!!


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The Use of Social Media in Public Safety


We were honored to have Andrew Doyle with Baltimore Fire Department sit down & talk with us about how public safety officials can best use social media before, during, and after emergencies.

Along with being a paramedic/firefighter on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor fireboat, Andrew is tasked with managing the Joppa-Magnolia Fire Department’s & Baltimore EOC’s social media presence and utilizes social media resources during large incidents and natural disasters.

Andrew, along with MedFlight Radio’s very own Amanda Ball, travel nationwide lecturing on social media basics, utilizing social media during emergency incidents, crowd sourcing etc. on behalf of FEMA and the Natural Disaster Preparedness Training Center.

You can find Andrew at the following locations:

  • Twitter: @doyle0213

  • Email: doyle0213@gmail.com

Also check out:

As always Thank You for listening!!!!


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Intracranial Pressure Concepts


Welcome back to MedFlight Radio!  In this episode, we review:

  • Intracranial pressure (ICP) concepts

  • Discuss cerebral hemodynamics

  • Discuss herniation syndromes

  • Discuss management of increased ICP

  • Discuss types of ICP monitoring devices

Make sure and listen to the entire episode and review the PowerPoint slides HERE, or in this episodes show notes at MedFlight Radio.  Then proceed to the CE Quiz to earn one hour of continuing education credit.

If you have any comments or questions please let us know at medflightradio@medflight.com.

Thanks for listening!!!!

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Public Safety and the Media


We were honored to have Kevin Landers, an Emmy-winning reporter from WBNS 10 TV,  join us for this episode. Our goal with the episode is to dispell some of the preconceived notions that sometimes exist between public safety personnel and the media.

Kevin explained what happens behind-the-scenes when breaking news occurs.  We discussed how he gathers information, plans interviews, and works with the editors in the “news room” to produce news stories that are timely and accurate.  Kevin also explained that the media has a desire to work with public safety officials acting as a resource to get important information to the public.

You can contact Kevin at kevin.landers@10tv.com

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